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How to protect your brand

The brand is very important.
In order to build and protect brand value, you invest a lot of resources. Not only do you want to be the best product, you also need to do the best promotion. However, the brand that has been poured out with great human and material resources and condensed long-term efforts has been copied and faked by hidden fake manufacturers.
Counterfeiters can have realistic and even identical outer packaging, and sell their inferior products in your brand. They robbed your intangible assets and gained huge profits.
There is no choice, you have to go to fake at all costs. Even if you magically eliminate all counterfeiters, consumers no longer trust your products, seeing your brand as a symbol of fakes.
How to protect the brand? Do you have a way to save the hard-won brand from being eroded and falling?

How to distinguish it from other people's products

You are a technical expert and an authentic industry elite. The products that are designed and manufactured with great enthusiasm and excellence are superior in quality.
However, in a crowded market, how can new products stand out in competition with established products? How can you convince consumers that your product is different?
When you pay a huge amount of market expenses, squeeze the product into the supermarket shelves and squeeze into the homepage of the e-commerce platform, how do you make it not overwhelmed by dazzling similar products.
How can you make your customers come back next time, let customers remember and trust your products and become loyal repeat customers?
There is no simple answer to the above questions, but it is clear that relying solely on the quality of the product itself is not enough.
In addition to quality, your product needs a distinctive feature, a link that strongly engages the user, makes the user feel attentive and assured, and directly contacts you and the customer.

How to protect original products, sensitive products, famous specialties, artworks, etc.

You are an entrepreneur and create a product or design that is full of your creativity. Your product has gained a stir in the market. Consumers flocked to the heart of the unique design. However, you have not yet paid off, there have been dozens of online stores selling bad imitations on the same e-commerce platform, the price is only your cost price. It is impossible for you to fight the price with them, and it is impossible to afford the energy, resources and time needed to use legal means to safeguard rights. Customers are slowly attracted to the imitation. Your hard work quickly became a flood of net red products on the market, but no one knows who actually invented it.

You are a manager who manages a product that is vital to people's lives (such as drugs, vaccines). Although you have done your best, there is no guarantee that every box of vaccines or medicines received will be genuine products produced by the original factory; there is no guarantee that the entire logistics and intermediate links will be strictly compliant and meet the requirements. Frequently exposed fake and inferior vaccines, even fake medicines, put your patients at risk. You urgently need a reliable means to quickly judge the authenticity of all these products and master the logistics information.

Your hometown has a special product that is proud of it. It is unique in the country. It has long been famous in the world, and there is no need to worry about the market and sales. But soon, a large number of such special products began to appear on the market, ten times and one hundred times your production. It doesn't take long, because consumers are always buying fakes that are of low quality, and consumers are beginning to distrust this product. Your specialty is becoming synonymous with fakes. As a result, it can no longer sell the previous price, it gradually lost the market. Is there any way to save this precious intangible wealth that protects my hometown?

You are an artist and people want to collect your work. Every piece of art you make is a work of heart. But how do you get collectors and the market to be sure that they are getting the work you made yourself, not from a sinister counterfeiter? How can you quickly distinguish the difference between a fake and a genuine one? How can your work achieve its value if it cannot be distinguished from the product?

The solution to the above problem - Jitrace blockchain

Jitrace blockchain:

It is a set of anti-counterfeiting systems.
It is a fidelity system.
It is a data logging system.
It is a set of geographic information tracking systems.
It is a set of digital identity systems.
It is a set of identification systems.
It's a set of identification systems that make your product unique.

It is a blockchain application where no one can change the data.

Different from traditional anti-counterfeiting methods, Jixincheng blockchain, using blockchain software, will completely and correctly record your personal information, product information, product circulation information, sales channel information, your authorization information, and so on. Pass it to the end consumer, let the consumer use the phone to immediately identify whether the product really comes from you.

Jixincheng blockchain protects your products and designs, defends your brand and completely eliminates counterfeit goods.
(The top 100 most valuable brands in the world today)

Our invitation

The Jixincheng blockchain has now completed the development of the underlying and application layers. We will tailor each system to a proprietary system for each high-end user.

Companies that want to protect their brands from infringement, innovation and intellectual property are welcome to contact us.

We also welcome investors to contact us. In this field with broad prospects, we will become our cornerstone investors when we start.

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