Architecture and scenarios

Jixincheng ( blockchain system architecture and application scenarios

Jixincheng(JiTrace) blockchain system architecture and application scenarios

System structure

Jixincheng The blockchain system consists of a three-tier software system.

The bottom layer: the core blockchain

This layer of software provides key functions such as synchronization, consistency, consensus, and security for all blockchain data.
Receive new blockchain data from the upper layer
Agree with all nodes
Form a new block and write it to the Jixincheng blockchain
Sync to all nodes
Features: This layer of software is open source, realizing the open, distributed storage, consensus mechanism and unmodifiable features of blockchain technology.

Application layer: anti-counterfeiting and fidelity traceability

This layer provides application functions for anti-counterfeiting, fidelity, traceability, sales chain and supply chain management in the data support of the blockchain.
The application layer provides a mobile terminal app and a computer-side management control platform.
The application layer provides intermediate processing functions between the user's usage instructions and blockchain data.

Custom layer: Customize a dedicated system for specific users for users in different business models in different industries

This layer of software is tailored to different users. Based on the functional modules of the application layer, according to the user's unique business logic and operating mechanism, the user is customized to the special service software that meets its operating characteristics.
The custom layer seamlessly connects the system and the customer's application system and daily operations.

2C (to the consumer) application scenario

2C (To customers) is the most important application scenario of Jixincheng system.

Jixincheng provides licenses to brands based on their needs.
According to the authorization, the brand will issue a corresponding number of unique product tracking codes to the products.
One item and one code, the tracking code is combined with the protected item (package, manual, certificate or directly on the product).
The Jixincheng blockchain system supports the tracking code and the information carried.
The brand's goods can be flowed to consumers through their own channels and authorized distributors' sales channels; they can also be sold to consumers through unauthorized sales platforms or directly from brands.

Regardless of the channel, the consumer obtains information on the production, ex-factory information, specifications, and appearance of the product from the Jixincheng blockchain system by scanning the code. This information includes information about the product and its distribution channels, including detailed descriptions of the product, technical specifications, product photos, demo videos, authorized vendors, and their geographic location.
Brand owners can authorize their own channels or their authorized distributor channels to dynamically add tracking information during the flow of goods.

The consumer obtains the above information by scanning the code, so as to ensure that the goods in the hand are genuine, conform to all the description of the product, the geographical location and the sales channel are in line with the blockchain system record, and the confirmation is authorized by the brand. The authenticity of the channel sales. At the same time, the brand can also monitor and manage the owned and authorized channels in real time through the tracking information of the products.

After the consumer purchases the product, the product's tracking code will be indicated as sold and shows the city and region where the sale occurred.

Counterfeit goods manufacturers cannot copy the set letter tracking code. Any non-authorized tracking code is not supported by the system of the Jixincheng blockchain; if the copying uses the set letter tracking code, the location and status of the relevant goods obtained by the consumer after scanning the code are not in line with the actual situation, directly prove The product is a counterfeit product.

Therefore, any counterfeit goods cannot have an effective tracking code that is easy to be recognized by consumers.

The consumer who purchases the genuine product also obtains the authenticity certificate of the Jixincheng blockchain, and the consumer can continue to transfer the product while continuing to use the Jixincheng blockchain system to support the transfer and authorize the next purchaser to be the commodity. owner.

Therefore, the Jixincheng Blockchain System not only guarantees consumers to buy genuine products, but also can continue to provide proof of authenticity for consumers' continued goods transfer.

To sum up:

Through the information provided by the Jixincheng blockchain, consumers ensure that the purchased products are genuine from the following aspects:

  1. The product attributes (photos, videos, indicators) recorded in the blockchain are compared with the products that are in hand.
  2. The commodity circulation path recorded by the blockchain and the latest GPS location information, and the GPS information of the current consumer location.
  3. Whether the commodity producer and current status recorded by the blockchain match the blockchain record (commodity producer information and current status of the product. All products that have been sold will be registered as sold in the blockchain).

2B (for the company) application scenario

Our system can also be used for B2B supply chain management.
For manufacturers who need to use a large number of key components, how to ensure that the components are provided by authorized channels, and is the authenticity of authorized suppliers, this is a key point to ensure product quality.

The manufacturer can authorize its own supplier (parts manufacturer or authorized supplier) to independently record and track each part by using the tracking code generated by the Jixincheng blockchain system.

Jixincheng not only provides a unique tracking code for each part, but also provides comprehensive technical information about the part and an independent logistics record of the part.

Parts without a tracking code will not be able to enter the manufacturer's delivery system.
Any part that is different from the real one will not be able to replace the genuine product, because the tracking information of the Jixincheng blockchain contains detailed part technical information.

Using the Jixincheng system, manufacturers can prevent unauthorized products or fakes from entering the supply chain, while ensuring that genuine products are completely and reliably transferred to the manufacturer during the circulation of goods.
For manufacturers, suppliers and distribution channels, they can monitor the flow of products at any time and find the problem.

The problems that arise during the use of parts can be solved by using the Jixincheng blockchain system to find the source supplier in a retrospective way.

To sum up:

Manufacturers and parts suppliers manage and control the supply chain by:

  1. The unchangeable blockchain feature ensures that only authorized vendors and products can enter the supply chain
  2. The detailed information of the parts carried on the blockchain and the GPS records of the parts circulation ensure that the parts are genuine products provided by authorized vendors through authorized channels.
  3. Records of complete parts from production to distribution to final assembly into finished products (or into standby stock) will ensure quality control and problem tracking.

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