System Application

Application of Jixincheng Anti-counterfeiting Blockchain System

Application of Jixincheng(JiTrace) Anti-counterfeiting Blockchain System


The Jixincheng blockchain anti-counterfeiting system is a highly flexible software platform. It can be set up and customized according to different industries and business models.

The following is an example of the application of the pharmaceutical industry.
An important application area of the integrity system is the pharmaceutical industry.
The pharmaceutical industry, especially China's pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, faces very serious problems with counterfeit drugs, counterfeit drugs, and ineffective drugs. These problems not only bring great health and even life threats to Chinese patients, but also flow into the world market and endanger the safety of patients in other countries.

There are several different situations in the pharmaceutical industry:

1. Counterfeit drugs illegally manufactured by underground pharmaceutical manufacturers, posing as genuine drugs.
2. Authentic drugs, but not in compliance with transportation, causing the drug to fail or even become a harmful drug.
3. Problem medicines, medicines with doubtful and controversial effects, cannot be effectively recalled, still flow in various circulation channels, and are used on patients.

We divide the drugs involved into two categories:

The first category, expensive drugs or extremely critical vaccine drugs.
One of the characteristics of such drugs, whether expensive or life-critical, has sufficient resources to require that the drug circulation management channels meet stringent conditions.
The second category is cost sensitive drugs.
Such drugs cannot make excessive demands on circulation and sales, because this will greatly increase the final cost of the drug, or it is difficult to achieve sufficiently fine tracking management from the perspective of circulation management.

Three levels of tracking code

First of all, no matter which kind of medicine, we give each box of medicine a unique and unique tracking code.
This tracking code is an ID card for this box of medicines.
In addition to the ID number of each pack of medicines, each large box containing a number of boxes of medicines also has a large box of tracking codes (box codes).
The feature of the large box tracking code is that this code is associated with the tracking code of all the small boxes of medicines in the box.
Moreover, if required, as a transport case for transport packaging, there is also a proprietary transport box-specific tracking code (box code). This box code is associated with all the large box tracking codes in the box.

The correlation between the above three levels of tracking codes is automatically generated and correlated by the tracking code function of the Jixincheng system.

From the completion of the production of the drug, preparation for delivery, each drug is assigned a unit packaging tracking code, box code and box code. When the drug is shipped from the factory, the system will add factory information to each tracking code, including: manufacturer information (including the manufacturer's verified qualifications, etc.), GPS geographic information of the product, detailed technical specifications and description of the product, and Appearance and packaging information, authorized distribution channel information or end user information for the box of drugs.

This information addition process can be added in batches, that is, the same drug description information is added to the same drug. For the same batch and the same flow of drugs, add restrictive information such as sales channels, delivery time, geographical location, and sales area. The entire information submission process is completed in batches by the Jixincheng background management system.

With the above information, the factory and circulation direction of the batch of drugs are fixed by the blockchain.
When the user gets the medicine, the tracking code on the code box is compared with the current information obtained by the tracking code from the blockchain system and the current status of the medicine (including the geographical location and the seller's situation), and the true quality of the medicine can be immediately recognized. false.

Different business models for two types of drugs

Depending on the requirements of the two classes of drugs, we can design two or more different tracking modes.

For the first type of drugs, because of the insensitivity to the increased tracking workload and cost, and the strict control of the control of the circulation process of drugs, we can require that such drugs be added to each segment of the consumer Tracking information for drugs.
The benefit of this is that each level of the circulation process can be verified back to the fact that the medicine they received is genuine. At the same time, they leave their own tracking information to provide genuine guarantee for the next circulation.
In this way, when the drug is distributed to the end user, the entire drug circulation chain leaves an unalterable digital record on the blockchain.
Finally, when the drug is sold to the end user, the drug's tracking code is deregistered and marked as sold, and the GPS geographic information at the time the transaction occurred is recorded.

The above process can be used for the full management of drug circulation.

No fake drugs can falsify the tracking code into the blockchain system. If the counterfeit drug is directly copied using the tracking code of the real drug, the counterfeit drug outside the authorized distribution network can be immediately recognized by the consumer.
For counterfeit drugs that introduce authorization channels due to corruption in a distribution chain, duplicate records of blockchain records of those drugs that are forged will be immediately discovered by the system. This batch of counterfeit drugs will be immediately located, and the sales involved will be exposed immediately.

If the above model does not apply to the circulation or business model of a certain drug for some reason, we can significantly simplify the above monitoring and tracking process in a targeted manner.
For example, for cost-sensitive drugs, we can remove the requirement to submit drug tracking information to any intermediate channel.
At the same time, the design of the three-level tracking code has greatly simplified the process for manufacturers to quickly submit tracking information for large quantities of drugs.

For such drugs, we only need to increase the description of the target site or target customers of the drug at the time of shipment, and update the blockchain information when the drug is sold, and perform tracking code cancellation operation on the sold drugs. .

In this way, the flow of all drugs is fixed from the beginning, and once the drugs are sold, their corresponding tracking codes are all invalid.

To sum up

Counterfeit drugs can neither falsify the manufacturer's shipping and shipping information, and even if the fake drug steals the manufacturer's tracking code, it is almost impossible to enter the manufacturer's authorized distribution network.
For fake drugs that enter the authorized network, the reusable tracking code is immediately recognized by the system and consumers.

In summary, our system can be customized to a very fine tracking system, or it can be customized to a very simple tracking system.
The sophisticated tracking system will provide manufacturers with an effective means of real-time monitoring of distribution channels.
The minimalist tracking system will provide users with the lowest cost but powerful anti-counterfeiting solutions.
In either case, the counterfeit drugs outside the circulation are completely eliminated, and the fakes within the circulation will be immediately visible.

For the three problem drugs mentioned earlier in the article, the collection system will:

1: Eliminate all counterfeit drugs into the authorized distribution network protected by the blockchain system. Consumers can immediately identify the authenticity by scanning the code.
2: If the genuine drug is operated according to the illegal operation of the circulation link, it will be immediately found by the data recorded in the blockchain. For example, the geographical location is mismatched, and the problem link is immediately exposed.
3: If the genuine drug needs to be recalled due to its own quality problems, then our blockchain system can provide information on the flow of all drugs, and at the same time, the drug on the blockchain indicates that the drug is a recalled drug and needs to be stopped immediately. In theory, users who have purchased the problem drug can be notified immediately. At the same time, other consumers will get the information that the drug was recalled when scanning the drug.

The above applications in the pharmaceutical industry can also be used in other industries, such as clothing, food, copyright products, new technology and new design products, etc.

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